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Obesity in America is one of this countries top health concerns. 70% of adult Americans are overweight or obese. Many non-invasive treatments claim they can help you lose weight over a period of time but we are excited to announce the recently F.D.A approved UltraSlim Cold Light solution. 


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This innovative technology gives you results after just one treatment. This immediate and targeted fat removal system works in 100% of patients with no side-effects.

Older, less effective technologies kill fat cells with “apoptosis” caused by extreme cold (likeCoolSculpting®), extreme heat (like SculpSure®), or ultrasound cavitation (like UltraShape®) that take weeks or months to see results.



UltraSlim Cold Light® gets immediate results using the natural bodily function called “lipolysis” to release stored fat energy in only the targeted area, without affecting other fat cells.  For example, patients can lose belly fat without losing fat in their breasts.

All other non-surgical fat loss technologies require weeks or months to achieve the results that UltraSlim achieves at one treatment visit. This means patients can begin living a more comfortable lifestyle immediately! With less body fat everyday activities feel easier and you can enjoy exercise, shopping and spending time with friends without extra weight holding you back.

This treatment can only be administered under the  supervision of a physician.  Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff and her trained team at the Center for Natural Healing may offer this option to you!  Please call for your private consultation.



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*results may vary from person to person.