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This woman, who I’ll call Lyla had originally come to see me with her husband about eight years ago, wishing to conceive a child.  As of late, she has not only been bringing in herself, her husband and their son for regular “tune up’s and health check up’s; but also her 72 year old mother Joan, who had been in the car with Lyla when they were rear ended.

When I first began working with Joan she was suffering not only with musculo-skeletal aches and pains, stiffness, chest pain and asthma, but also she was disoriented, unresponsive, largely immobile and weak.  Though she was light and frail, it took both Lyla and I to lift her to get her onto the treatment table. She had no life force, energy or strength.  Once she was lying down, she began to wheeze so loudly that her audible moans and groans could be heard in the adjacent treatment rooms.  She had been in a state of complete dependence on her adult children to care for her every need, feed her the pills that the doctor had prescribed year after year without a clue why she was taking them, or what they were doing for her, or to her.  Her children had watched her deteriorate, and when I first began working with her, her vitality and energy were so low that I believe we all felt her time left in this plane of existence would be brief.

I was encouraged when Lyla asked me to, in addition to caring for the aches and pains from the motor vehicle accident, examine the medicine her mother was taking and it was evident to me that the medications were inappropriate for Joan as she was taking med’s for high blood pressure and high cholesterol when in fact, her cholesterol was lower than normal (normal for a healthy individual being 100 plus ones age); and her blood pressure was also low. I was outraged that this woman had been given rounds and rounds of these pills, despite the needlessness of the prescription.  When questioned, neither Lyla or Joan could explain why Joan was taking these pills. I evaluated Joan’s diet recommending moderate alterations in what she was eating, prescribed a naturopathic formulation designed to expectorate the phlegm out of the chest and asked them to set aside the Albuterol and other asthma medications.  I added some medicinal formulations to stimulate mental acuity, memory and brain function.

It has now been roughly three months since the inception of her care and Joan has made an amazing come back. She is alert, attentive, communicative, spunky and she gets on and off the table without assistance when the first day it was as if we were lifting dead weight.  While resting on the treatment table, her breathing has become clear, assist her in her overall well being.

She no longer wheezes, moans, groans or gasps for a breath.  When she falls asleep during her acupuncture treatments, Joan no longer snores. In fact, she is symptom free. She laughs, smiles and walks without hesitation or assistance.  She can find her way around and no longer acts confused or dependent.  Joan has become more self sufficient in many ways and has become completely free of the medications and their debilitating side effects.  The family is elated.  We no longer talk about her mother, another dear patient recently brought her mother who has Alzheimer’s Disease to see me. The mother was angry, cranky, restless, and completely unresponsive.  I assessed the medications, supplements and nutrients (Ensure), that were being given to her and adjusted this protocol.  Within two weeks on a naturopathic program designed to stimulate a calm, alert balance of her brain and nervous system, along with a protocol to nourish, lubricate and protect her cells and properly nourish her body, the whole family is thrilled with  how well their beloved mother is doing.  The changes are dramatic and these are only two of the tens of thousands of patients whose lives have been transformed as the result of examining what was occurring in their lives, being interested and willing to make positive, life enhancing changes, and asking for support in this glorious multi-cultured, multi-generational society which we live, is it not important to take the upmost care of our parents, looking out for what is best for them.  Ask yourself if they seem to be doing well, or are they really not.  If not, please be encouraged that alternatives do exist. Treating our loved ones with suppressive medicines that are not designed to “Heal” the body only serve to inhibit normal or abnormal function.  Real healing takes place when attention is given to the patient’s care; their tender. loving care;  their nutrition and their fluid intake. How would you feel if your mother began to laugh and smile again, walk without assistance and required.

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*results may vary from person to person.