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Breathe! Its more essential to life than water, food (yes, even chocolate!) or sunshine; it’s oxygen. Life-sustaining oxygen is transported throughout your body every second of every day of your life, and it reaches all your nooks and crannies. Breathing and the oxygen it delivers, brings your body into balance and works to regulate your metabolism and many other bodily functions. According to the Yogic perspective, breathing properly – which I discuss below – controls the vital life energy known as Prana. But are you getting the most from every breath you take?

Chances are, you are not. You are not alone, however, because shortly after you outgrew the infant stage, you forgot how to breathe in a healthful, balanced way. That’s right: as adults, you and billions of other people have adopted a way of breathing that is more shallow and therefor a less nourishing way of exchanging oxygen and vital nutrients with your cells, tissues, and organs.

Here’s a simple experiment. The next time you see an infant, watch the child breathe. What’s happening? You will see the child’s stomach rise and fall with each inhalation and release of breathe. Does your stomach do that when you breathe? If yes, then congratulations! You are breathing in an efficient and healthful manner. If not, then I am suggesting a change.

Why?….Its so easy to take breathing for granted because you don’t have to think about it most of the time.

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Reminding you to “Get Well and Stay Well”

– Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff