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Weight Loss Specialist: Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff has been working with Hawaii’s residents for 32 years assisting them in establishing a comfortable weight, body image and optimal health.  Why suffer when help is so close!

Imagine how good you will feel with 10 pounds off your structure in just 30-60 days!  

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff makes losing weight safe, easy, fun & delicious!


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Red Light Therapy

UltraSlim, the world’s most effective non-invasive body slimming procedure and weight loss program! UltraSlim uses a red light technology to remove fat without invasive surgery. There are no needles, no incisions, and no recovery time. These technologies are all based on modulating a specific type of red light. The modulated red light tricks the mitochondria in the nucleus of the fat cell into creating a transitory pore in the cell membrane, allowing the fatty acids and triglycerides to escape into the interstitial space and leave the body through waste.

Personalized Plans

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff will help guide you with a Weight Loss Plan that will be specifically designed to YOUR Health needs. This will include diet and nutrition suggestions, as well as medicinal remedies. This customized plan will be based on health and lifestyle questions, diagnostic treatments and test results after an initial consultation.

Laser Therapy

Designed to reduce corporeal circumference, FDA-approved Zerona cold-laser treatments feature low-light lasers that glide over a custom series of bodily areas, such as the waistline, back, hips, and thighs. The non-invasive Zerona lasers work to comfortably melt away fat deposits and flush them out via the body’s natural detoxification processes, requiring little to no downtime. Though some clients begin to notice results after only a few sessions, most require four to six. The 40-minute Zerona weight loss treatments should take place within 72 hours of one another for maximum results.


Lose Inches off your waistline in just a few weeks!

What is Zerona Z6?

Zerona is a non-invasive fat loss laser. The multi-site clinical trial conducted by Erchonia to validate the Zerona process focused on the waist, hips and thighs. The Zerona low-level laser is FDA approved for use on these target areas, plus now arms, chest, knees, ankles and back or bra fat. The Zerona Z6 treatment protocol has the client lie on a comfortable table for 20 minutes on each side while the six lasers are applied to the target areas simultaneously.

  • 3.72 inches in 2 weeks*
  • Unattended Procedure
  • No Surgery | No Downtime | No Side Effects | No Risk

*Results may vary from person to person.

What They’re Saying

Patient Testimonials

“I came to Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff May 1995, I weighed 180lbs, had migraine headaches, allergies, and terrible eating habits. In the one year plus with Dr. Ostroff’s advice on diet, natural remedies, and general over all health. I lost 30 lbs, changed my eating habits. I cut out all dairy products started drinking a wonderful green tea. I take feverfew, and migrafee for my headaches, and supplements. I feel great, I have more energy to the things I always wanted to do. I never could have done it without the knowledge and education of Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff. Everyone should have a counselor to guide and educate them. I know I could not have done this alone.”

Nora Doran

“The past four months have been amazing in terms of the dramatic improvement I have made to my health and fitness, with your direction and assistance. My self image since I was 10 has been that I was a chubby kid and then a fat/chubby adult. I am now 54 years old. I have been on fasts and diets for days and weeks at a time, almost every year, over the past thirty-five years, losing hundred of pounds while I was on the fasts/diets and gaining it all back (and more) when I was not on a diet.

Now, four months after first seeing you, I weigh ten pounds less than when I finished high school and I am wearing size 32 waist pants that are loose on me – a waist size I have not worn since I was 13 years old! I am thin for the first time in my life, and it feels great, plus friends have told me that my face looks at least ten years younger than it used to. Thank you Dr. Joy!”


“I have just finished my 4th visit with Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff. In the 3 weeks I have been on this program I have lost 5 lbs, and I look and feel much better; less bloated and puffy and somewhat minor symptoms of withdrawls from synthetic hormones and antidepressants to naturals. Im happier, calmer and thrilled!”

Robyn Lee

” I lost 8 Lbs in 2 Weeks!”

” I lost 18 Lbs and I feel great!”

What You Get

1 on 1 Consultation with Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff


Personalized Nutrition Plan


Diagnostic Testing


Medicinal Remedies

Ultra Slim Red Light Therapy


Lose Fat


Shrink Fat Cells


Detoxification of Fat & Toxins through waste.

Zerona Laser Therapy


Weight Loss


Lose Inches off your Waist & Body


Pain Management

Whole Body Vibration


Lymphatic Drainage





Infra-red Sauna


Lymphatic Drainage


Body & Circulation Restoration



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More Patient Testimonials

“I Lost 7 Lbs & Blood Pressure went down in 1 week with Dr. Joy.”

“I Lost 7 Lbs and Feeling Energized.”